Illuminated Lightpanels, Inc

Specialists in LED Edgelit Lighting for
Retail, Signage and Hospitality Applications

Bob Krohn's decades-long experience developing, engineering and manufacturing edge-lit lightpanels makes him the the ideal Director of Engineering and Design.

Don Potter’s 25-year background producing and manufacturing extremely high quality acrylic products and his expertise in sourcing polymer products provides a creative Director of Manufacturing

Illuminated Lightpanels was established, with three principals who have extensive expertise in the various technologies that combined to develop and produce the highest quality edgelit lighting panels. It was determined that the panels needed to be produced in the US to insure quick turn around, lower freight costs and the ability to customize each order.

Illuminated Lightpanel’s manufacturing capacity now consists of three etching-lasers; our newest and largest laser has a bed size of 72” x 120”, allowing us to manufacture some of the largest lightpanels available. As a high-quality plastics fabricator, we also have a large-format CNC router that can work with 2” thick material and the plastic forming machinery and polishing  equipment that is necessary to produce displays for nationally known cosmetic and perfume retailers. We have manufactured (both) single-piece orders and very large projects and have met every delivery date. Recently, we supplied nine hundred 36.5” x 63” lightpanels for a major electronics company for their store-in-store displays. These panels were shipped within five weeks of our receipt of the purchase order.

Another   (recent) project was for eighty 72” x 32”, magnetic-frame lightboxes with a special color finish, in under six weeks. We are limber enough and have sources deep enough to allow us to design and manufacture custom project very quickly. We are continually are developing new methods of manufacturing to meet the increasingly unique needs and delivery dates of our clients.


History of Edgelit Lightpanels


  • 1999 - The first Ultra Thin Lightbox was developed by Bob Krohn and Chuck Osher for Trans World Marketing and RJ Reynolds. This utilized Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps and a screen printed dot pattern.
  • 2002 -  The first laser etched lightpanel was designed and produced by Bob Krohn

           A patent was issued to Mr Krohn and he commercially manufactured lightpanels.

  • 2007 - There was a renewed interest for light panels using LED technology

           for back lighting graphics in lightboxes.

  • 2009 - Illuminated Lightpanels was formed.
  • 2010 - Illuminated Lightpanels developed the first LED edgelit lightpanel for shelving.
  •  2011 - Illuminated Lightpanels developed a method of joining edgelit lightpanels,

            without a noticeable bright seam.

  • 2012 - Illuminated Lightpanels brings to market the first Ultra Thin Magnetic Frame LightBox.
  • 2013 - Illuminated Lightpanels develops a process to produce a lightpanel with a removable section that maintains even illumination across the panel when there is a break where the cut out occurs.
  • 2015 - Illuminated Lightpanels develops the first edgelit shelf light with dropped front to all for the insertion of product identification or UPC codes illuminated drop front.   patent pending