Uplight Translucent Stone and Glass

These types of translucent stones are being used for restrauants tables, bar tops, wall accents and high end residential applications. 

Onyx, Alabaster, Granite, Marble, Turquoise and Quartz are the most common stones being backlit.  There are many types of textured glass available.

Using our 3/8" thick edgelit LED Lightpanel reduces the overall depth of the counter top.  We will work with your designer to pick the best color temperature LED for the material being backlit.  

For most applications we recommend putting these lightpanels on dimmers so you can set the lighting effect.

  • Can customers at the bar read the names on the beer and liquor bottles?

  • Does your backbar look gloomy and dim?

  • Do your liquor bottles glow with a pleasing, internally-lit look

Hospitality Lighting  -Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub - Back Bar

Illuminated Lightpanels, Inc. manufactures LED illuminated backbar shelves to bring light, create interest and increase sales to your restaurant and bar.

Look at your backbar.

Is it time for a new exciting look?

Here is how we can help you:
       New illuminated shelf with up light
       New illuminated shelf with down light
       New illuminated shelf with up and down light

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