Illuminated Lightpanels, Inc

Specialists in LED Edgelit Lighting for
Retail, Signage and Hospitality Applications

Our engineering teams have helped design display systems and fixtures in many of the world’s largest department stores, big box stores, drug stores, grocery stores, restaurants and hotels.

Our creative clients come to us with an idea and ask us for solutions.

Typical questions can be:

  1. We need a cosmetics rack with illuminated trays that can be moved into different positions and there can’t be any wires.

  2. There is an eight inch diameter pole in the center of every one of our displays and we want four, self-supporting illuminated shelves encircling the pole.

  3. We are making two-thousand countertop cell phone displays and we just decided to add lighting… and we only have ten days”.

Our job is to help you incorporate lighting into your product, engineered and priced to give you the edge. Our unparalleled knowledge of retail display and POP fixturing opens the door to new and exciting lighting solutions using LED lightpanels.

We offer engineering assistance and will work hand-in-hand with your design team to assist you in producing the most attractive, creative and cost-engineered result.

Please let us assist you on your next design project that incorporates lighting using our LED edgelit lightpanels.

Engineering Services

Illuminated Lightpanels  -  lightpanels, lightboxes and shelf lights are listed under

UL 2108, UL48 and UL 879 for US and Canada